1. Who can pick up my child? 

The person who drops off the child must pick up the child. Parents complete a registration form and sign their child in and out.

2. What is your staff to child ratio?

Our ratios are lower than the PA state requirements.

Number of Staff Children’s Age
 1 to 2  3 months to 2 years old
 1 to 5  2 years old to 4 years old
 1 to 7  5 years old and older

When children are grouped in mixed age levels, the age of the youngest child in the group determines the staff: child ratio and maximum group size in accordance with § 3270.51

3. Is your staff CPR or first aid certified?

The supervisor is trained in first aid and CPR. Other staff may be as well. All staff receive a criminal background check, Child Abuse check, FBI record check and reference checks.  In addition, they receive a minimum of 24 hours of training in child care.

4. What is your policy in case of an emergency?

We will contact parents using the emergency contact form completed by our parents if a child needs to be picked up early for any reason.

5. Where do you hold the Event/Personal Child Care?

It is held at the location of your choice.