Why is Event Child Care Important?

There is a great need for child care during social & business events.

  • Families need access to nontraditional child care during social and business events.
  • What interests adults does not necessarily appeal to children. Besides, children will be children.
  • During special occasions, parents, children and businesses face undue stress – children are bored, parents are embarrassed, businesses are concerned about safety, turn out and active participation.
  • All guests feel special when you provide on-site child care.
  • Parents who are part of your event can participate fully.
  • It gives a reason for all invited guests to attend. Adults can relax and enjoy the event uninterrupted.
  • No damage to property caused by unsupervised children.
  • Parents can bring their children to the main program during appropriate, kid friendly times (e.g. cake cutting), and take them back to the on-site childcare during the rest of the program or children stay at the on-site child care throughout the event (parents can check in as much as they want).


Why Pick Christian Child Cares for your Event?

  • Christian Child Cares looks at creative ways to meet the needs of the community that we serve.
  • Employees receive ongoing trainings to work with children (24 hours training a year).
  • We are fully insured.